Larry is well versed in the ways of guitar construction and repair, so  if you need something done just ask! He can do everything from restringing to working with you to creating your dream guitar from scratch.

Also, if you’re looking for a new, unique, and premade addition to your guitar collection, ask him about his beautiful project guitars for sale.  In the mean time, here are just few thigns he can do for you:

Some Services:

  • Fret Level and Re-Crown
  • Complete Refret 
  • New Nut
  • New Saddle
  • Broken Headstocks
  • Crack/Finish Repairs
  • Custom Pickups and Electronics
  • Custom Inlays
  • Loose Bridges, Binding, Braces
  • Pick Guards
  • LR Baggs Acoustic Pickups

Dealer for Allparts and WD Music. Certified technician for Taylor Guitars.